Billy Fury Discography


1959 Decca F11102 (78 and 45) Maybe Tomorrow/Gonna Type A Letter
1959 Decca F11128 (78 and 45) Margo/Don't Knock Upon My Door
1959 Decca F11158 (78 and 45) Angel Face/Time Has Come
1959 Decca F11189 (78 and 45) My Christmas Prayer/Last Kiss
1960 Decca F11200 Colette/Baby How I Cried
1960 Decca F11237 That's Love/You Don't Know
1960 Decca F11267 Wondrous Place/Alright Goodbye
1960 Decca F11311 A Thousand Stars/Push Push
1961 Decca F11334 Don't Worry/Talkin' In My Sleep
1961 Decca F11349 Halfway To Paradise/Cross My Heart
1961 Decca F11384 Jealousy/Open Your Arms
1961 Decca F11409 I'd Never Find Another You/Sleepless Nights
1962 Decca F11437 Letter Full Of Tears/Magic Eyes
1962 Decca F11458 Last Night Was Made For Love/A King For Tonight
1962 Decca F11485 Once Upon A Dream/If I Lose You
1962 Decca F11508 Because Of Love/Running Around
1963 Decca F11582 Like I've Never Been Gone/What Do You Think You're Doing
1963 Decca F11655 When Will You Say: "I Love You"?/All I Wanna Do Is Cry
1963 Decca F11701 In Summer/I'll Never Fall In Love Again
1963 Decca F11744 Somebody Else's Girl/Go Ahead And Ask Her
1963 Decca F11792 Do You Really Love Me Too?/What Am I Going To Do
1964 Decca F11888 I Will/Nothin' Shakin'
1964 Decca F11939 It's Only Make Believe/Baby What Do You Want Me To Do
1964 Decca F40719 Hippy Hippy Shake
1965 Decca F12048 I'm Lost Without You/You Better Believe It Baby
1965 Decca F12178 In Thoughts Of You/Away From You
1965 Decca F12230 Run To My Lovin' Arms/Where Do You Run
1966 Decca F12325 I'll Never Quite Get Over You/I Belong To The Wind
1966 Decca F12409 Don't Let A Little Pride Stand In Your Way/Didn't See The Real Thing Come Along
1966 Decca F12459 Give Me Your Word/She's So Far Out She's In
1967 Parlophone R5560 Hurtin' Is Loving/Things Are Changing
1967 Parlophone R5605 Loving You/I'll Go Along With It
1967 Parlophone R5634 Suzanne In The Mirror/It Just Don't Matter Now
1968 Parlophone R5658 Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt/Baby Do You Love Me
1968 Parlophone R5681 Silly Boy Blue/One Minute Woman
1968 Parlophone R5723 Phone Box/Morning Now
1968 Parlophone R5747 Lady/Certain Things
1969 Parlophone R5788 I Call For My Rose/Bye Bye
1969 Parlophone R5819 All The Way To The USA/Do My Best For You
1970 Parlophone R5845 Why Are You Leaving?/Old Sweet Roll
1970 Parlophone R5874 Paradise Alley/Well Alright
1972 Fury FY301 Will The Real Man Stand Up?/At This Stage
1974 Warner WB16402 I'll Be Your Sweetheart/Fascinating Candle Flame
1976 NEMS NES018 Halfway To Paradise/Turn My Back On You
1978 Decca F13767 Jealousy/Last Night Was Made For Love
1979 Decca F13853 Don't Knock Upon My Door/Margo
1979 Decca F13854 Gonna Type A Letter/Maybe Tomorrow
1981 Polydor POSP355 Be Mine Tonight/No Trespassers
1982 Polydor POSP488 Love Or Money/Love Sweet Love
1982 Polydor POSP528 Devil Or Angel/Don't Tell Me Lies
1983 Decca F11349 re-issue Halfway To Paradise/Cross My Heart
1983 Lyntone BF001 Devil Or Angel/Lost Without You (flexidisc, given free with book at Beck Theatre)
        Polydor POSP558 Let Me Go Lover/Your Words (withdrawn - only 200 pressed)
1983 Polydor POSP558 Forget Him/Your Words
1983 Old Gold OG9329 Halfway To Paradise/Last Night Was Made For Love


1959 Decca DFE6597 Maybe Tomorrow
1961 Decca DFE 6694 Billy Fury
1962 Decca DFE 6699 Billy Fury No 2
1962 Decca DFE 6708 Play It Cool
1962 Decca DFE 8505 Billy Fury Hits
1963 Decca DFE 8520 Discs-A-Gogo (Various artists - Billy sings Don't Walk Away)
1963 Decca DFE 8525 Billy Fury And The Tornados
1963 Decca DFE 8558 Am I Blue
1965 Decca DFE 8641 Billy Fury And The Gamblers
1973 Ronco EP001 Long Live Rock (Various artists - Billy sings Long Live Rock and A Thousand Stars)
1982 Dakota DAK8 Single Heroes (Various artists - Billy sings Wondrous Place)
1983 Decca DFE 8686 My Christmas Prayer
1985 Magnum Force MFEP009 Suzanne In The Mirror


1960 Decca LF1329 Sound Of Fury
1960 Ace Of Clubs ACL1047 Billy Fury
1961 Ace Of Clubs 1083 Halfway To Paradise
1961 Ace Of Clubs 1108 Thank Your Lucky Stars (Various artists - Billy sings Jealousy)
1963 Decca LK 4533 Billy
1963 Decca LK4548/Decca SLK4548 We Want Billy (14 Issued in both mono and stereo)
1965 Decca LK4677 I've Gotta Horse
1965 Decca LK4695 Fourteen (Various artists - Billy sings Diamond Ring)
1965 Decca LK4734 Bumpa Bundle (Various artists - Billy sings In Thoughts Of You)
1967 Ace Of Clubs ACL1229 Best Of Billy Fury
1972 Decca SPA188 World Of Billy Fury
1973 Ronco MR2002/3 That'll Be The Day (Various artists - Billy sings five songs)
1977 Decca 3303/4 The Billy Fury Story
1979 K-Tel NE1030 Billy Fury - The Golden Years
1980 Decca SPA575 World Of Billy Fury, Volume 2
1980 Decca DPA3087/8 They Called It Rock And Roll (Various artists - Billy sings four songs including previously unreleased I Got Someone)
1981 Decca LFT1329 Sound Of Fury
1982 Decca TAB37 Hit Parade 44 (February 1983)
1982 Decca TAB46 The Decca Originals 1960-1964 (Various artists - Billy sings Halfway To Paradise)
1982 Decca TAB47 The Decca Originals 1965-69 (Various artists - Billy sings In Thoughts Of You)
1982 Decca TAB51 Thank Your Lucky Stars (Various artists - Billy sings Jealousy) (re-issue)
1982 Decca TAB61 The Decca Originals Volume 3 (Various artists - Billy sings Jealousy)
1982 Dakota OTA1001 Heroes And Villains (Various artists - Billy sings Wondrous Place)
1983 Polydor POSP488 Billy Fury In Interview With Stuart Coleman (200 copies made)
1983 Decca TAB62 We Want Billy (re-issue)
1983 Polydor POLD5069 The One And Only Billy Fury
1983 Decca DPA3093 Made In Britain (Various artists - Billy sings Hippy Hippy Shake)
1983 K-Tel NE1227 Memories (re-issue of NE1030 Billy Fury - The Golden Years)
1983 Red Bus BUSLP1003 The Missing Years 1967-80
1984 Magnum MFLP1027 Loving You
1984 See For Miles SEE32 The Other Side Of BillyFury
1985 Meteor SMT001 Twenty Classic Rock And Roll Tracks (Various artists - Billy sings Sheila and All The Way To The USA)
1985 Magnum MFLP2029 Sticks 'n' Stones
1985 See For Miles SEE59 The EP Collection
1985 Old Gold OG1006 Old Gold 60s Volume 3 (Various artists - Billy sings Halfway To Paradise)
1986 Spot SPC8573 Jealousy (cassette)
1987 Castle Communications CCSLP160 The Collection
1987 K-Tel ONCD5125 The Very Best Of Billy Fury CD
1988 Deram 820 627-2 The Sound Of Fury + 10 (CD re-issue of LF1329 plus ten additional tracks)
1992 Castle Communications CC SLP 160 Billy Fury - The Collection
1993 See For Miles SEECD 383 The Other Side Of Billy Fury CD
1998 Decca 844 874-2 The 40th Anniversary Anthology CD
2000 Ozit 0052 Wondrous Place Live CD
2000 Decca 844 990-2 The Sound Of Fury CD
2000 Decca LF1329 The Sound Of Fury (re-issue of original 10")
2000 Billy Fury Unplugged - tracks of uncertain origin, but openly marketed