"A Wondrous Place Live" Goldmine Review, October 2000

Billy Fury was one of the first true rock 'n' rollers that Britain produced - and one of the most dynamic. Schooled on bills that pitted him against Cliff Richard, Gene Vincent, and Eddie Cochran, Fury faded, like so many of his rock'n'rolling kin, with the advent of The Beatles. However, he continued performing and, in 1974, was on the bill for the Rock And Roll Roadshow, one of the first genuinely successful revival outings to tour the U.K.

"A Wondrous Place Live Plus Rare Early Demo Recordings" (Ozit, U.K.) was, for the most part, recorded at one stop on that tour, in Lewisham, London, and if the sound quality leaves a little (OK, a lot) to be desired, it also adds to the ambience of the whole affair, transporting your ears even further back in time, to the days when Fury was at his peak and every audience was as screamingly enthusiastic as this one. In addition to the eight live tracks, nine more date from some of Fury's earliest ever recordings, seven from one session and two more taken from a 78 rpm acetate. Again, the sound is rough, but the historical worth is priceless.