21 track CD album

A superb live set of 21 tracks from Captain Beefheart with beautiful full colour Beefheart-related artwork in the CD booklet!

Track Listing

1. Bat Chain Puller
2. Dirty Blue jean
3. Abba Zabba
4. Best Batch Yet
5. Hothead
6. Safe as Milk
7. Flavour Bud Living
8. My Human Gets Me Blues
9. Veterans Day Poppy Sugar'N'Spikes
10. Sheriff of Hong Kong
11. Toaster
12. Kandy Korn
13. Nowadays a Woman's Gotta Hit a Man
14. Doctor Dark
15. Her Eyes are a Blue Million Miles
16. Big Eyed Beans from Venus
17. Suction Prints
18. One Man Sentence
19. Drop Out Boogie. One Red Rose That I Mean

"A Broad Abroad"
Goldmine, June 2002

We remain in Liverpool for the first of two rather exciting Captain Beefheart releases. "Merseytrout" (Ozit) is a 21-track set recorded at the city's Rotters Club on October 29th, 1980, on a tour promoting the newly-released "Doc At The Radar Station" album. That set understandably dominates the show, but of course there's room for some older favourites too. The tour's reputation as a somewhat chaotic affair, rife with broken strings and forgotten lyrics, is utterly contradicted. The sound quality is a little crunchy, but there is no denying the energy of a vivacious performance.

Jo-Ann Greene

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