Deeply Vale 40th Anniversary 3DVD Set

Track Listing

Disc 1:
Approximately 4 hours
1) Bob Harris from the Old Grey Whistle Test - intro: “This is Deeply Vale…”
Chris Hewitt - anniversary event background
Dave Smith and Pat O’Neill chat
Cliff Jackson and Pat O’Neill chat
2) Crude Oil Inc.
3) Shankara Andy Bole
4) Joe Roberts
5) Jennifer Reid
6) Secret Agent
7) The Drones
8) Victor Brox and Dave Lunt
9) George Borowski and Gaynor Wilson
10) Movement Banned
11) Nik Turner
12) Pie
13) Physical Wrecks
14) Accident On The East Lancs
15) Wiful Damage

Disc 2:
Approximately 4 hours
1) Brian John Lewis
2) Teri Birtwistle
3) The Things
4) Potential victims
5) Mudanzas
6) Andy T.
7) Spike
8) Frogbox
9) Fast Cars
10) Segs from The Ruts
11) Notsensibles
12) Salford Jets
13) Alchemist

Disc 3:
Approximately 4 hours
Gong-related artists
1) Graham Massey and Graham Clark
2) Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy (System 7/Mirror System) Saturday set, joined by Graham Clark and Nik Turner
3) Steffe Sharpstrings, Mike Howlett and Steve Cassidy
4) Steve Hillage, Miquette Giraudy Sunday set joined by Mike Howlett, Steffe Sharpstrings and Nik Turner for the Gong Jam
5) Deeply Vale 1980 Pickup Bank - previously unseen short film clips

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