One Man And His Dog Swap Beetles For Early Riding

(1999 article about Dave Edwards in Rochdale Observer)

For over a quarter of a century David Edwards was a Volkswagen Beetle fanatic. But 11 years ago, the 54-year-old came across a trike with a VW Beetle engine... and his interest turned from four wheels to three! He bought the trike and took it to pieces so that he could re-build the machine to his own personal size and with his own special modifications.

David, of Medley Street, said, "The trike was originally for a very big man, so after buying it I fully deconstructed it and started to rebuild it for myself. I added part after part and I have now completed it, and have made most of it from stainless steel."

Now David's shiny machine attracts the eye of most motorists when he casually cruises around the streets of Rochdale. He said: "Wherever I go I am asked questions about the three-wheeler, and everyone, young and old, stares at it" You can't be shy when you have a machine like mine because wherever you go you immediately become the centre of attention."

David, who has become a member of a motorcycle club in Hebden Bridge, attends trike and motorbike gatherings most weekends and recently won the Bright Work trophy at the National Trike Rally - which is for trikes that are made mostly of steel and are unpainted. 

He added: "This was my first trophy and I only entered the contest because my friend said if I didn't he would enter my machine himself". David said, there are not many other trike riders in the Rochdale area, but he knows of three from Shawclough who he now regularly travels to the rally events with.

(Dave has been involved in the organisation of the 1996 Deeply Vale Anniversary concert and
the annual Deeply Vale Festival since 1976)