Fast Cars - Live at Deeply Vale
Ozit OZITCD783

Post-punk Manc also-rans.

They were a moment, a second, a snapshot in Manchester history. It centred around the almost post-punk Manchester Musicians Collective, based at The Band On The Wall, where occasionally interesting, always ambitions outfits tried their hand and their luck. Taking their name from Steve Diggle's ferocious Buzzcocks song, Fast Cars careered out of Swinton, settling down to a nice line in Fred Perry-clad power-pop. At times, they could be astonishingly good too, blessed with a wealth of infectious hooks and an irresistible live attack. Unfortunately, it wasn't distinctive enough to lift them clear of the pack, although their recent unearthing at the demand of an unlikely Japanese fan base is intriguing to say the least. The Deeply Dale Festival - to be revived next year hopefully -was a tastefully unsophisticated affair, set in the moors above Rochdale and attracted a myriad festival goers. The Fast Cars set proved memorable on the day, as they dispensed with niceties and hurled themselves into the angst-ridden atmosphere. Only a moment, albeit a sweet one.

Bill Decker