Grateful Dead at The Hollywood Festival
North-West England, 1970

DVD and CD set
Ozit DVD 10
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Itís some grainy bits of film (filmed in the main by an acid-spiked crew) of one of the most pivotal moments in the history of the English rock counterculture and festivals. The Grateful Dead come to England in 1970 for their first ever concert and itís in the open air at a festival near Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire, North West England. Itís one of the only times in England when Pigpen was on absolutely top form and he takes a lot of the vocal leads stood up behind his organ. There were plans to film and audio record everyone on the bill for the whole festival weekend, but someone travelling with the Grateful Deadís entourage gave acid to most people working on the film and sound recordings. Fortunately, the whole of the Grateful Deadís set was recorded on audio and around five songís worth of band and crowd footage was filmed during their set by the acid-tripping film crew. Also filmed were short sections of Free, Family, Screaming Lord Sutch, John Peel and Radha Krishna Temple.

Period early 70s artwork, beautiful fold-out Hollywood Festival archive DVD booklet


The Grateful Dead:
Casey Jones
St. Stephen
Dark Star
Me And My Uncle
Good Lovin'

Alright Now

Good News Bad News

Screaming Lord Sutch:
Cause I Love You

Radha Krishna Temple:
Hare Krishna Chant

Hollywood Festival Audio CD

Excerpts from the Grateful Dead set:
The DVD tracks and the audio CD make up the whole Grateful Dead set.

1. Announcements and tune-up/Intro
2. Not Fade Away
3. Turn On Your Love light
4. China Cat Sunflower
5. I Know You Rider
6. Hard To Handle
7. Cryptical
8. Drums
9. The Other One
10. Cryptical Envelopment
11. Attics Of My Life
12. Cold Rain And Snow

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