Various Artists “Greasy Truckers Party 2002-2003”

MENSA Music Magazine

Nik Turner and Chris Hewitt thought that it would be a great idea to tour bands around the country in an attempt to recreate the feelings that were present at The Roundhouse in the early seventies, which has resulted in two classic albums being released. Of course, Nik was present then as a member of Hawkwind and he again opens the show as he and other ex-Hawks (now touring as blast through ‘Brainstorm’. Given that this is one of my favourite Hawkwind numbers ever, I can only view this as a good start – although the sax solo does seem to lose its way somewhat. With ‘Sonic Savages’ up next, there really was a feeling that classic ‘wind are back again, and this is only emphasised with the strange noises that are also conjured up for ‘Watching The Grass Grow’ and ‘Children Of The Sun’

But then it is a total contrast as Tractor appear for three numbers. This is a delicate acoustic stuff which has nothing to do with the onslaught that opens the disc. It may be thirty years since Tractor were in their heyday, but Jim Milne and Steve Clayton are still worth the price of admission. Richard ‘Kid’ Strange (Doctors of Madness) is probably the highlight of the album, with two songs and a spoken excerpt from his book. He has a great voice and also a knack for telling a story. The album closes with a song each by ‘Guitar’ George Borowski and young outfit The Theory.

Overall an interesting album that may not have the power and authority of the originals yet is still an intriguing listen and a good way to find out about some of the acts on the Ozit label.

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