Greasy Truckers Party 2003 - Various Artists

‘Guitar’ George is also part of the latest release, Greasy Truckers Party, on CD, traditionally an English underground festival. It’s provided the main stage for, a collection of ex-Hawkwind musicians. It is a party show involving various bands; thirty musicians altogether, along with many dancers and a lightshow, etc. perform versions of ‘Brainstorm’ and ‘Sonic Savages’, the freak-out interstellar sound of ‘Watching the Grass Grow’, and the pastoral ‘Children Of The Sun’, where the spirit of Nik Turner’s sax takes off for the outer space. Following on at the Party are Tractor, featuring Jim Milne in an acoustic vein, culminating in the Eastern/Indian sound of the Milne/Clayton duo on ‘Siderial’. Then a pair of intense folk songs from Richard ‘Kid’ Strange (Doctors Of Madness) broken up by the intricate reading of passages from his book, ‘Strange Punks and Drunks and Flicks and Hicks’, and the last contribution is from George Borowski, followed by The Theory a new young intelligent indie band from Blackpool, Lancashire. This album is a precious representation of the world of quality music festivals, which are now sadly in danger of extinction.

Enrico Ramunni
Rockerilla Magazine, Italy