“Guitar” George Borowski "Check Out Guitar George - He Knows All The Chords" Ozit CD 219

Unpeeled Magazine

Flagged Up And Punted

Immortalised or, depending on your viewpoint, stigmatised in song by Dire Straits in 'Sultans of Swing', George Borowski does indeed know all the chords. He also knows all the rock’n’rolling tricks, and this excellent set is like one of those Stiff Records tour nights from the late 70s, but this ain't just some ramshackled piss-poor pissup; this is true craft from a master of the art. He's flagged up and punted as 'Guitar George', but this is a complete and often complex set of pop and rock songs, not just some old git doodling around with a six-string. Check the massive pop production number, 'Just Surviving' for a start or the emotive 'She Finds Me' and you'll realise who Mark Knopfler has been copying all these years. Personal fave on this set is the ‘Green On Red’ style building swirl of "All America", and again, while the guitars are as superb as you've every right to expect from someone calling himself 'Guitar George', they're in no way allowed to overshadow the gorgeous organ work. Fan-f***ing-tastic album, and, to quote Ian Hunter, 'call me a fan, that's just what I am'!