Tractor/The Way We Live (Ozit LP8004)

This album is a wonder before one plays anything.  I have double vinyl edition.  The cover painting by Ciruelo 
from the book, 'Luz, The art of Ciruelo' is beautiful, guaranteed to catch the eye of any idle browser.  Secondly, Ozit have taken the Vertigo swirl a step further and created their own swirl centre label, really eye dazzling it is too.  The sleeve notes are by Steve Clayton who has his own story page in this issue of Art Beat. One picture is of the infamous Chris Hewitt who I have spoken to many times on the telephone, it is nice to see that he almost resembles me in shape.  The album has tracks taken from 1969 to 1974 with the addition of a long track, 'The Stream' recorded in 1998.  If you own the Pooka album then finish their album with the sea, this is just the sound of the stream.  Tractor are: Steve Clayton and Jim Milne and Ozit have collected together these rarities and apart from the drums occasionally sounding like cardboard boxes the engineers have done a superb job.  As we are all aware recording has improved just a little since 1973.  If you are a Tractor fan then you will already have this marvellous set, if you are not, then why not?  Investigate immediately.

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Editor: Ken Brooks
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