The Way We Live/Tractor
Steve's Hungarian Novel

Well it's certainly a long time since I last listened to vinyl!. This double album by Tractor has been isssued on vinyl . I would probably agree that it is a 'warmer' sound than CD but I'm not sure it is worth the effort of getting up every 20 minutes to turn the disc over.  Now, Tractor are a name that goes back 20 years to the Deeply Vale experience that existed in Lancashire and this double LP is a celebration of that time and the culture of a hippie space rock existence.  These recordings cover a period from 1969 to 1974 and really sum up the simpler times when this really was a way of life for the creators of the Tractor sound, Jim Milne and Steve Clayton.  The recording quality is remarkably good given their age and probably can best be described as being 'Canterbury Scene' of the North.  Excellent nostalgia value.

The album finishes with the track dated 1999, 'The Stream' which is a 16-minute recording of water coursing down a stream!  There is/was nothing conventional about 'Tractor'.  The Hungarian Novel is also due to become a book by Steve Clayton and should be published shortly.  Collectors please note that the first 200 copies of the vinyl album are signed by Jim Milne and Steve Clayton.

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