"Steve's Hungarian Novel", Double Vinyl LP - Ptolemaic Terrascope, January 2000


Favourites on the festival circuit of yesteryear were Tractor and The Way We Live, lauded before now in the "Scope for Jim Milne's jagged guitar scorch", Steve Clayton's dynamic percussion and their folky acoustic ballads on the ones punctuated by some seriously heads-down blistering rock on t'other. A drummer's concept album mightn't at first sight be the most essential item in the oauvre, but 'Steve's hungarian novel' (a double LP on the Psygressive label, P.O. Box 116, Northwich, Cheshire, 5UG; www.tractor-ozit.com) contains some fine stuff dispite considerable wastage - 'the stream' which takes up most of side 4 for example - it is just about the most zen moment commited to vinyl since the greasy truckers recorded their own power cut! Tracks like the scorching 'Laid Black Full Freakout' and the opening 'Call It' more than make up for it though. Recommended to children of the muddy field everywhere. 

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