Last but not least...

Tractor/The Way We Live is more than the sum of its parts!

The Tractor entourage through the years: (sorry if we miss anybody) Jim Milne, Steve Clayton, (thanks to Phil Clayton), John Brierley, Alan Burgess, Judith Ashton (now Clayton) of Music Box and 'Candle For' fame, Michael Slim Batsch, Chris (Sonny) Ryan, Dave Addison, Kieran (Leather Jacket) Miskella, Surinder (Cinders) Khabbra, Dave Goldberg, Dave Beickel, Brent Whitworth, Tony Crabtree, John (The Hat) Knight who re-designed the flying Tractor, Andy Sharrocks, Dave Edwards, Dave Smith, Andy Burgoyne (whose first job was to stop Steve's bass drum from moving by sitting in front of it in the late 1960's), Gordon Tilstone, Ian McIntyre, Colin Brannigan, Rick Mottram, Glynis Glitter, Roland and Jeff (both formerly of Mitrex) Richard and David Milne, Barry Guy, Austin Patterson and Roy Martin, thanks to Maggie and Justin Magner for finding the photos.

Also thanks to anyone to went to any Deeply Vale event, Cliff Jackson, Dave Edwards and Jim O'Neill.

Taken from the Tractor CD, "Before, During and After the Dandelion Years… Through To Deeply Vale And Beyond" (OZITCD 0024)