Birthplace of Johnny Clegg, 13.7.1953 (who emigrated to South Africa, where he formed Julaka and Savuka); disc jockey and radio journalist Andy Kershaw, 9.11.1959; Razzmatazz TV show presenter Lisa Stansfield, 11.4.1966.

Andy Kershaw's dad was headmaster of nearby Whitworth High School, his mother was Mayoress of Whitworth, and his sister followed him into the world of broadcasting. Late sixties Rochdale Grammar School group The Way We Live cut their debut album in the attic of sound man John Brierley's parents' house in Edenfield Road. It is now the most collectable, high-priced record in the Dandelion catalogue. In 1973, Brierley opened a two-track studio at 179 Drake Street and the band, now called Tractor, cut their local hit, 'No More Rock'n'Roll'.

In late 1977, Brierley opened the 16-track Cargo Studio at 16 Kenion Street - with Tractor Music (a PA hire/rehearsal space) on the ground floor. Cargo's clients included Joy Division, Dead or Alive, The Mekons and Gang Of Four. In 1985, the studio was taken over by Chris Hewitt and New Order's Peter Hook and renamed Suite 16 (at Tony Wilson's suggestion). The Stone Roses, James, New Order, The Chameleons, and many more flocked in.

(Andy Kershaw's dad was a friend of Jim Milne's dad, as they were both teachers. Andy Kershaw went to Hulme Grammar School, Oldham a couple of years after Chris Hewitt went there, and later told Chris that as a teenager (Andy Kershaw) used to stare starry-eyed into the window of Tractor's first music shop on Oldham Road.)


Birthplace of singer Tim Burgess, 16.6.1968 (Charlatans). The Memorial Hall in Chester Way was a happening sixties venue. The Beatles played there six times; The Rolling Stones twice; Pink Floyd once. Home of The Charlatans. Their manager owned Omega Records and the Dead Dead Good label, based at 2 Witton Walk. They celebrated Sproston Green, their M6 turn-off, on their debut album.

Home of nineties label Ozit Records, run by the indefatigable Chris Hewitt. Operational base of late eighties indie band The Electric Crayon Set (with future Charlatans singer Tim Burgess); early nineties hopefuls The Cherrys, The Thrush Puppies and The State of Kate. In the mid-nineties came Sussed.

From Pete Frame's "ROCKIN' AROUND BRITAIN - Rock'n'Roll landmarks of the UK and Ireland".