The Toilet Boys - Live In London

If there was ever a band that needed, really desperately needed, a live album, it’s the Toilet Boys.

Their previous records, though packed with those Ramones-with-fishnets anthems that have made the Boys [or the Toilets if you prefer] such an underground hit, have never managed to capture the energy that makes their live shows something quite spectacular. Like Kiss and Hanoi Rocks before them, the Toilet Boys are a true live band, and that’s why “Live in London” is so great.

If you shut your eyes , you could actually be at the Highbury Garage back in January 2002 [though obviously filling your lounge with cigarette smoke and the smell of stale-man-sweat would aid the authenticity] as Guy minces with the crowd and the lads power through sleaze-punk anthems like “Party Starts Now” and “Another Day In The Life”. A medley of Ramones tracks performed as a tribute to Joey and Dee Dee, and a new studio track, “Original Sinner”, are included as bonuses. But it’s the joy of owning a Toilet Boys show that makes this album such a worthy acquisition.

Brett Callwood
Classic Rock, 2003