Tractor - Tractor
Ozit CD217

Originally released back in 1972, this release is the third (I think) reissue and features quite a few bonus tracks. Tractor kind of represent the mood and exploratory manner that was in abundance during the late 60s/early 70s, when labels weren't too concerned with colossal sales and most major labels had an offshoot designed to nurture and offer alternatives. At times they remind me of Hawkwind, at other - they're like Man, and then like nothing you've heard before. They can switch from heavy riffing to light, acoustic ballads and then we're into the ol' twelve bar! The bonus tracks capture them a few years later (around 30, actually!) with one at Glastonbury, one from a variety of studios (with Nik Turner) and four demos from a solo Jim Milne. Speaking of which, Milne is a pretty impressive guitarist, who can scream out some brilliant solos and give some subtlety with the acoustic. Like I say, the album's a great reminder of how expressive and adventurous bands from around this time were allowed to be. My fave track has to be 'Shubunkin'. Surprisingly good album. (DW)

Modern Dance Magazine, 2004