John Peel's Tractor - The Road From Townhead Mill

Terrific Tractor 12" Inch Treasure

It's been mentioned before, and will doubtless be mentioned again, but we really do need to get a vinyl review section up and running at TM-O [it's in hand, and will arrive with the new updated design next year - Ed.], as we really do miss the days when a new album arrived in a package large enough that you could read the information without a bloody magnifying glass. The latest slice of hot vinyl to drop on the TM-O mat comes - hot on the heels of the really rather lovely Bickershaw Festival Box Set - in the form of the latest release from the Ozit imprint, and, like the Bickershaw Box Set, it is a lovingly produced item. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Road From Townhead Mill's original release, this double gatefold LP on 180-gram red vinyl unearths a mixture of past classics from Tractor's career and includes previously unreleased recordings and also a CD containing the entire 73 minutes and 30 seconds of music found on the LP. Julian Cope said that Tractor were 'the sound of a soul approaching the canopy of heaven' and he wasn't far wrong.

Check this out and see why John Peel paid for their P.A.

Limited Edition Lord Swansong.

Total Music Magazine, December 2012