Record Collector, January 2003 issue, reviews the 30th Anniversary reissue of Tractor's eponymous debut

Tractor 'Tractor' Ozit CD 217 [63.54]

Originally issued by John Peel's Dandelion label in 1972, Tractor's self-titled album continues to enjoy a healthy cult reputation on the UK progressive rock circuit. This latest reissue, which adds half a dozen bonus tracks from various phases of the band's career, confirms that the enduring appeal isn't misplaced.

The lengthy opening track, 'All Ends Up' - experimental song structure, intelligent lyrics, uncompromising vocals, fearsome fuzz guitar - encapsulates Tractor's unique talents. There's plenty here to admire. 

It's no real surprise to learn that Tractor's occasionally self-conscious eccentricities attracted the undying devotion of a teenage Julian Cope.