The Way We Live “A Candle For Judith”

MENSA Music Magazine

The Way We Live were just two guys from Rochdale, Jim Milne and Steve Clayton. John Peel couldn’t believe that the demo tape that he was sent had come from such an unlikely source, so of course he signed them to his Dandelion label and released ‘A Candle for Judith’. The band didn’t stay the same for long, and the next album was released under the name Tractor, and Jim and Steve are still touring under that moniker today. But going back to 1971, this album was quite a piece of work, in that there are songs which are almost folk in nature while others have incredible workouts.

Jim Milne is one of those guitarists who has never been as widely acclaimed as perhaps he ought to have been, but ‘A Candle for Judith’ is now seen as a classic in some circles, especially with those with a penchant for psychedelia. This release has more than done the original album proud. As well as sleeve notes by Jim, Steve and John Peel and label boss Chris Hewitt, there are plenty of photos (new and old) and the track listing has expanded from 8 to 19. But the bonus for the enthusiast is that there are full details on each bonus cut, who played on it and when, etc.

Of course, this album sounds dated now, but it is still a classic piece of work and one that deserves space in a discerning collection.