Where are they now?

Band changes were made in 1981 (for a gigging line up); Kieran Miskella replaced Dave Addison on bass, Tony Crabtree played guitar and shared keyboards with Dave Goldberg before Tony left. The last live line-up in the 80's was: Milne, Clayton, Miskella and Goldberg. Dave Addison and Dave Goldberg shot a video with Jim in the '90s; Jim and Dave Goldberg still play together and record with Dave Goldberg, engineering, and Chris Hewitt, producing. Kieran went off to work as a sound engineer/roadie for the Chameleons (he started as a roadie for Tractor in 1976); Tony Crabtree got piano bar residencies both in the UK and Ibiza; Steve Clayton has just started producing bands in Yorkshire and has written and painted through the years.

Chris Hewitt does music media promotion for bands and record companies and has produced albums in the 90s by T2, String Driven Thing and Tractor and is currently working on a Doors/Jim Morrison CD project called 'Stoned but Articulate'. He also represents several bands - including Tractor and Jim Milne - for live gigs, TV and radio work.

In 1983, Kerrang wrote about the 1972 Tractor album as an undiscovered masterpiece from the past (see above!). Within a couple of months it was out again as an LP on Magnum Force/Thunderbolt, breaching the Sounds heavy metal charts within weeks - even though Tractor aren't heavy metal!

Steve Clayton has written several short stories and TV/film scripts and has just finished a novel, soon to be published, about Hungary.  He has also a large collection of his paintings and pen and ink drawings.  Some of his paintings and pen and ink drawings we hope to show on this website and some can be found in the booklet of Tractor CD, "Before, During and After The Dandelion Years through to Deeply Vale and Beyond’.