Thomas Crimble rocking with Hawkwind, and The Mighty Thunder Rider, at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970


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Group X, later to be known as Hawkwind, was formed at rehearsals in Putney in the summer of 1969.

Their first live performance was at the All Saints Hall in Notting Hill Gate on 29th August 1969, and the Group X line up at this gig included Nik Turner, Mick Slattery and Terry Ollis. The gig was promoted by Clearwater, and featured High Tide and Skin Alley, featuring bassist Thomas Crimble, who would go on to join Hawkwind. At the end of the night, as he left, John Peel approached Clearwater's Doug Smith and recommended that he sign Group X. The band were renamed Hawkwind Zoo, and then simply Hawkwind.

From that Group X/Hawkwind line up of 1969, spaceritual.net in 2002 features Nik Turner on sax, flute and vox, Mick Slattery on lead guitar, Terry Ollis on drums and percussion, and they are joined on bass guitar by Thomas Crimble, Hawkwind bassist from July 1970 to April 1971.

To this nucleus of four original Hawkwind members in spaceritual.net, add the special guests who perform with the band. Whilst over from Canada visiting the UK, Del Dettmar has played synths and noise generators with spaceritual.net. Harvey Bainbridge, Huw Lloyd Langton, and Ron Tree have also guested, and Commander Jim Hawkman has added keyboard, synths and vocals at most gigs

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